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Exhibiting at the Egyptian Coatings Show 2021 is an extremely cost-efficient way to place your products in front of your customers and potential customers in a highly prestigious environment.

Live events should form an important part of your business and marketing strategy.

How long would it take your team to see these people face-to-face ? How much would the travel and hotels cost your company? Events enable you to shorten the sales process and save money.

Events deliver a multitude of sales and marketing objectives.

Where else can you sell one product and simultaneously launch another, whilst increasing brand visibility, networking with industry clients and prospects and keeping a close eye on what the competition is doing ?

For more information on exhibiting at the Egyptian Coatings Show 2021, Email Mrs Jessica Szuts-Naranjoor phone +44 (0) 1737 855 162

This packaged stand includes:

  • Space with fittings including side and rear panels, power point, lighting, name board, table and three chairs
  • Booth cleaning
  • Promotional material available from the organiser for you to use as you wish
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