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The Cairo International Conference Centre ( CICC ) is the only comprehensive conference centre in the country, over 30 hectares of it. Of these , 58,000 sq.m. have been given over to conference facilities that are nothing less than state of the art. The Centre is the very latest in conference facilities to ensure that while everything is carried with the greatest possible efficiency, your comfort and convenience have been seen to. To start with, the Centre is a mere ten minute drive from Cairo International Airport, a short drive from any one of several five star hotels and a five minute walk from the Cairo International Exhibition Grounds.

The Centre itself is of some note. As you stroll along its immaculately kept interiors you will be able to appreciate so much more than the magnificent architecture. The Centre hired expert artists and art buyers to lovingly collect millions of pounds worth of art, now on display at the Centre. Not all the art displayed at the Centre is Egyptian origin however, there is a substantial amount of art on display that is the gift of Chinese artists, among them a breathtakingly beautiful hand carved wall mural that took over three years to complete, and a magnificent wall painting depicting marriage in Egypt down the ages , that took up one and a half years of the lives of a husband and wife team of artists.

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Date Showtime
Mon, 23rd Sept 10:00 – 18:00
Tues, 24th Sept 10:00 – 16:00


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